Community Enhancement – Anti-Graffiti & Community Cleanup

Reporting Graffiti:You can report graffiti using the Surrey Request App or by contacting the City of Surrey by email or call the Anti-Graffiti Hotline at 604-591-4370.

The Program

Negatively affecting neighbourhoods, graffiti often causes additional negative acts impacting community safety. SCPS’ anti-graffiti program has been in operation since 1996, providing 16 years of committed service in Surrey and its numerous communities. Working with Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture, and Bylaws Enforcement, we support Surrey’s efforts to eradicate graffiti through our cost-effective program.

The Society has also worked with the Minister of the Attorney General’s youth coordinators on a number of projects, and has been part of the joint South Surrey/White Rock Youth Advisory Committee and the School District’s Anti Vandalism Advisory Committee. The AG program has accepted hundreds of students for work placement experience.

The funding grant from the City of Surrey enables us to run the program. We provide a van and operating expense: paint, brushes and supplies, including a power washer and powerful graffiti removers.