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Surrey Crime Prevention – COVID 19

As the situation becomes more serious, management has suspended all programs and will be closing the office until April 14th (and will be reassessed at that time).  The safety of our volunteers and staff is paramount.  With the closing of our local recreation centres, libraries and now with the closure of schools until further notice, we took the unchartered measures to suspend all programs.  We want to thank our volunteers, community partners and staff for their ongoing committmenn to community.  Please ensure you take all measures to secure your safety and remember to check in on those most vulnerable.  Wishing everyone only the best and we will be updating this message as needed.

The BC Government has now declared a state of emergency.  For more information visit the BC Government website.

The Canadian Federal Government has information on a national level.  For more information visit the Canadian Government website.


Over the past 5 years, 1,900 volunteers contributed 145,000 hours towards community safety in Surrey

Join us for an evening to celebrate and recognize the outstanding contributions of our volunteers

 Volunteers Awards Banquet | Symposium | AGM

April 29th, 2020

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In order to qualify to volunteer with Surrey Crime Prevention Society you must be at least 16 years of age and be able to obtain a criminal background check with the police.

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L.I.F.T. High School Work Experience Program

Learn about our amazing program and how students can fulfill their mandatory work experience hours.

In this program high school students from Surrey and Delta in Grades 10-12 are offered an opportunity to participate in an office environment, Traffic Safety Public Awareness, Community Safety Tours and Special Events. Students who participate with this program will receive comprehensive training outlining the roles and responsibilities in the community and how their participation contributes towards the enhancement of community safety in the City of Surrey.  Watch our video about the program GenWhy


SCPS in partnership with Surrey Safe Schools launched a new project called Civic Pride. With the support of volunteers, this unique project engages Grade 7 students in elementary schools throughout Surrey through interactive activities that focus on the importance of safety, community engagement and making positive choices resulting in a positive outcome for their future.

This project aims to engage students in elementary schools and support their understanding of the value of being part of their communities. Early adolescence offers a window of opportunity for prevention and early intervention.

“Civic Pride” will provide students with information on the importance of civic pride through mentorship from SCPS volunteers. Volunteers will share their experiences about what civic pride means to them and how their role as a volunteer in the community reflects their commitment to their community resulting in positive outcomes. Many students in Surrey are new Canadians who may not have an understanding of the sense of community involvement and the value of being part of something positive. There are students within Surrey who are at risk for being lured into negative activities when they are feeling isolated and not part of a group or community. These students ultimately may be pushed into a situation that results in them making poor choices. With these Grade 7 students who are about to enter high school, it is critical to empower them and give them tools to identify ways to become involved in a positive way in their community.