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SCPS in partnership with Surrey Safe Schools launched a new project called Civic Pride. With the support of volunteers, this unique project engages Grade 7 students in elementary schools throughout Surrey through interactive activities that focus on the importance of safety, community engagement and making positive choices resulting in a positive outcome for their future.

This project aims to engage students in elementary schools and support their understanding of the value of being part of their communities. Early adolescence offers a window of opportunity for prevention and early intervention.

“Civic Pride” will provide students with information on the importance of civic pride through mentorship from SCPS volunteers. Volunteers will share their experiences about what civic pride means to them and how their role as a volunteer in the community reflects their commitment to their community resulting in positive outcomes. Many students in Surrey are new Canadians who may not have an understanding of the sense of community involvement and the value of being part of something positive. There are students within Surrey who are at risk for being lured into negative activities when they are feeling isolated and not part of a group or community. These students ultimately may be pushed into a situation that results in them making poor choices. With these Grade 7 students who are about to enter high school, it is critical to empower them and give them tools to identify ways to become involved in a positive way in their community.

Vancouver Police Department Announce New Recruits

Surrey Crime Prevention Society is pleased to announce that our former volunteer Orandy Scarlett has been recruited as a member of the Vancouver Police Department.
We are very proud of Orandy and all our volunteers who continue to support community safety programs throughout the City of Surrey.

Westland Insurance Group Partners with Surrey Crime Prevention Society Supporting Traffic Safety in Surrey

Westland Insurance Group has partnered with Surrey Crime Prevention Society supporting the Traffic Safety | Speed Watch & Distracted Driving Program delivered throughout communities in Surrey BC. This program is delivered by our trained volunteers who are committed to making a difference in Surrey.

Westland Insurance Group, one of Western Canada’s leading independent insurance brokers, was established in 1980 to meet the insurance needs of individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. Today Westland provides personalized insurance services through over 78 offices located throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Westland’s vision statement is “To be the broker of choice in every community we serve”. Behind that statement is Westland’s professional team working to ensure that clients are offered the most comprehensive coverage available.
107.7 Pulse FM Partners with Surrey Crime Prevention Society

We are pleased to announce our partnership with 107.7 Pulse FM to support our public awareness and education public service announcements. This partnership supports the amazing work of our over 350 volunteers.
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE! In order to qualify to volunteer with Surrey Crime Prevention Society you must be at least 16 years of age and be able to obtain a criminal background check with the police.

To learn more about how you can gain valuable experience while making a difference in communities throughout Surrey visit VOLUNTEER

Trigate Properties Group once again contributes generously to Surrey Crime Prevention Society to support the enhancement of community safety in the City of Surrey

As a long-standing business leader in the City of Surrey for over 50 years, Trigate Properties Group has supported this community in so many ways. We are pleased to announce their continued commitment towards the enhancement of community safety by once again, supporting Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) with a second generous gift of $50,000. This extraordinary gift is the second part of the largest individual donation in the history of the City of Surrey, solely dedicated, to enhancing the safety of the people of Surrey. The total contributions towards community safety programs in Surrey from Trigate Properties Group is $100,000.00.

Proceeds from this gift will support the expansion of community safety programs to include programs that engage students in Grades 6 and 7 on the value of being involved in their community. Volunteers and staff supporting the “Civic Pride Program” will work with Surrey Schools and focus on elementary schools with a large population of new Canadians and youth at risk.



Samantha has been a volunteer with Surrey Crime Prevention Society since January of 2016. She contributed over 300 volunteer hours towards the enhancement of community safety throughout the City of Surrey. Samantha is an exceptional volunteer who participates in several different programs and is always willing to go above and beyond in her role as a volunteer. She is always encouraging of other volunteers and is her strong leadership skills are always there to assist wherever needed.

Congratulations on your tremendous commitment to your community Samantha!

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