King GeorgeThank you for your interest in volunteering with Surrey Crime Prevention Society. Below you will find information on how to make a mark in your community.

Complete the on-line Volunteer Form

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to volunteer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Learning about community safety and how you can be part of the solution
  • Learning about techniques that can be applied in future career opportunities
  • Working with community partners including the City of Surrey, RCMP and other government agencies
  • Developing new skills (e.g. leadership, interpersonal, communication etc)
  • Participating in various community events, programs and services
  • Broadening your social network

General Requirements

Volunteer requirements may differ depending on your role:

  • All applicants interested in volunteering must be 16 years or older
  • Applicants under the age of 16years can volunteer through their schools under the work-experience program
  • Demonstrate genuine commitment to the deterrence of unlawful activity in the community
  • Be able to pass a RCMP criminal record check
  • Possess a valid class 5 Driver’s License (Speed Watch Program and Citizens Community Safety Watch and must be 18 years of age)

General Duties of Volunteers

Individual responsibilities may differ depending on the position

  • Observe and report suspicious activity
  • Report stolen vehicles and license plates
  • Assist in searches for missing persons or any other activity deemed necessary by the Program Manager or Coordinator.
  • Participate in Locking Out Auto Crime Programs to create public awareness of vehicle security
  • Touring communities within the City of Surrey

Volunteer Safety & Security:

SCPS strives to provide a safe working environment for each of our volunteers.

  • Volunteers always tour in teams of two or more
  • Volunteers are equipped with the necessary equipment allowing them to be in communication with the base operator and mall security.
  • Volunteers wear highly visible jackets, hats, or reflective vests.
  • Volunteers do not get involved in any confrontational situations; they observe and report only.
  • Volunteers do not carry weapons or law enforcement equipment.
  • Volunteers go through training
  • Volunteers DO NOT become physically or verbally involved in a situation, they only serve as extra “Eyes and Ears”
  • Volunteers DO NOT represent themselves as a Security Personnel