Community Safety Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program

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Community Safety Youth Leadership and Mentorship program was introduced in 2013 to support the needs of youth-at-risk and leadership students through partnerships with community partners in Surrey. SCPS offers a unique opportunity for volunteers who demonstrate strong leadership and offers training to support this program. Through a generous grant from the Telus Vancouver Community Board, we are able to continue to support youth in our community.

Currently, there are limited opportunities for youth-at-risk to receive support. Our mentorship program supports youth-at-risk between the ages of 12 and 18. As youth-at-risk are vulnerable and at a higher risk of being recruited to groups exposing them to significant danger, this program provides mentorship from trained SCPS volunteers and offers important life skills providing an alternative to mentees who may otherwise be influenced into less desirable activities.

The Community Safety Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program is a twelve (12) week program that focuses on the delivery of leadership and mentorship training between SCPS Mentors and Mentees in the community. The outcome of this initiative is to foster a Mentor-Mentee relationship thereby increasing awareness and volunteerism in programs delivered by SCPS.

The Mentor and Mentee will develop a mutually-compatible schedule, outlining their availabilities to participate in SCPS Programs. This schedule will be forwarded to Options for record keeping.

Over the span of twelve (12) weeks, Mentors and Mentees will meet for a minimum of four (4) hours every two (2) weeks, participating in the following SCPS programs:
• Speed Watch
• Community Safety Tours: 2 locations
• Anti- Graffiti
• Special Events

The Mentor and Mentee will attend an in-house training session where they will receive a review of policies, procedures and expectations.
Throughout the twelve (12) week program, both the Mentors and Mentees will have the opportunity to provide feedback and participate in program evaluations. This provides SCPS the opportunity to assess the program at its various stages and make changes accordingly. For more information contact or call 604-502-8555.