My time at surrey crime prevention taught me a lot about real life situations. While volunteering I ran into many different people with many different situations that put most others at risk and were not safe for the people around.  The time i spent at SCPS I learned a lot about keeping the community safe and how to deal with different kinds of individuals.

In the future I want to go into law enforcement and become a police officer and this experience has taught me a lot of legal information that can be useful to my career path. My communication skills improved because i worked with new volunteers every shift and allowed me to talk with new people easily.“  

A Gosal | Panorama Ridge Secondary

Vulnerable Youth:

 During my time with Surrey Crime Prevention Society I have been working with my mentor, J Gunadasa. I have only had positive experiences for the past 9 months. I have had the chance to gain experience in patrolling, observing, reporting, and communicating with emergency services. I enjoy working with my mentor because we have a lot in common and we think alike. He has also helped me to get into other programs like the RCMP Youth Academy, which I will be starting this year.  We are also working on my application to the Law Enforcement Studies Program at The Justice Institute of British Columbia. What motivates me to come in to volunteer is being able to work with my mentor and have the opportunity to patrol on foot, bike and vehicle to observe and report suspicious activities. Overall, I truly enjoy helping to ensure the safety of the community. My perspective has changed a lot after being in this program from the way I view and handle situations, conduct myself, and has encouraged me to apply these principles to my daily life. Thank you for your support.

M (name not published for confidentiality reasons)

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